Tweaking here and there…

What is Archaeology? had been bugging me the last few days. I didn’t like the fact that the drop down-menu took readers directly to sub-pages and completely by-passed the actual What is Archaeology? page.  There are paragraphs on that page that introduce each of the various sections–Before the dig, During the dig and After the dig–and bring context to them.  (You’ll hear archaeologists talk about context all the time: artefacts mean nothing if not associated with their original archaeological context.  The same goes for pretty much anything in this world. Without context we don’t know how to interpret things…)

In any case, I have removed the drop-down menu for that particular chronicle.  Now you simply click on the title bar and you will be taken to the main page, which includes links (that open up in a different tab or window, for your convenience) for you to browse.  I have also added a few images here and there.

I hope this works better for you… it sure works better for me!

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