Yesterday, I was trying to figure out if my new WordPress site was coming up on Google (it does) and I saw that I had an Amazon author page.  Curious, I thought I would check it out…. and I burst out laughing!

My author page on

My author page on

This is indeed one of my publications. Nothing really funny there.  Until you notice the date: Dec 31, 1850.  Oh! my….  I rolled on the floor laughing!   I think my great-grand-parents weren’t even born in 1850 and I certainly wasn’t!  This book was published in 2008 and it is number 1850 in the British Archaeological Reports’ International Series.  Look at the entry on Archaeopress, the publisher’s web site.

I think I need to fix my Amazon author page…. but then again. This is quite hilarious! The ‘old’ date probably is the reason why used copies of the book are so expensive!  I’m still laughing…

2 thoughts on “OMG! LOL!

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