Sacred Motherhood

My first exhibition opened yesterday at the museum: Sacred Motherhood, Mother-and-Child Representations from the Permanent Collection. It is a small display of 13 works of art from the NCMA’s holdings, from ancient cultures like Egypt and Greece to contemporary art a few years old. One of the works is even an abstract painting! (Its title is the only indication that the subject is a mother-and-child study). I had to dig quite deep to find that one! (Mike, our collection registrar, was of great help.)

Sacred Motherhood does not focus on divine mothers; it simply stresses that motherhood—in its various stages—is worthy of reverence in and of itself. The exhibition explores the meaning of each of the mother-and-child representations by placing it in its historical and cultural context, or placing it within an artist’s framework. It encourages the visitor to look beyond the obvious image of a woman caring for a child.

The exhibition is free and on view until December 7, 2014.

3 thoughts on “Sacred Motherhood

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