Nubian Conference in Neuchâtel

After the CIPEG annual meeting in Copenhagen, I took a flight down to Switzerland for yet another conference. This time, it was the ‘Nubian Conference’ (the International Conference for Nubian Studies), which was held in Neuchâtel.  My colleague Matthieu Honegger did a wonderful job in organising this conference and you will have more details on La Vida Aegyptiaca about what I did in  Switzerland and Denmark on this last trip.

There was also a lovely exhibition on ancient Nubia at the Laténium and I had my photo taken with two of the the superb statues of Kushite kings (Taharqo and Tanwetamani) found at Dukki Gel (near Kerma) in 2003… and then I read the label and realised that they are actually copies of the originals!  The technical precision and workmanship are astounding!  The statues were 3D scanned, carved from an agglomerate rock and then hand-painted by a conservator! This was very interesting to me because there is some 3d scanning in my near future. The things we can do with technology these days…

Tanwetamani, Taharqo and me at the Laténium in Neuchâtel (the statues are replicas of the originals).

Tanwetamani, Taharqo and I at the Laténium in Neuchâtel (the statues are replicas of the originals).




4 thoughts on “Nubian Conference in Neuchâtel

  1. Such a rough life you archaeologists lead…all that darn foreign food, people speaking odd languages and thinking esoteric thoughts…

    Glad you made it! Ken

    • Hi Ken,
      Switzerland was confusing at the end! I was switching between French, English and German, often responding in the wrong language or translating for someone something said in their mother tongue! The cheese and the chocolate were great. As for Denmark, everybody there speaks English there–amazingly well, too! And good food in Copenhagen as well.

  2. Thanks for the update! 3D scanning is cool. We have one at library you can use for free. Curious to try it out.

    Enjoyed your Pompeii photos. It’s on my travel bucket list!



    • Hi Sarah,
      Lovely to hear from you! I can’t wait to start the project that involves 3D scanning… maybe in a couple of years if all goes well with funding. I’d like to try out 3D printing as well. Perhaps I have the chance for that as well.

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