Moving terracotta figurine

This weekend, I gave to a visiting colleague a tour of my exhibition Sacred Motherhood: Mother-and-Child Representations from the Permanent Collection. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the Mycenaean Greek terracotta figurine of a Woman Holding a Child had rotated a quarter turn from its original position. Instead of facing the viewer, it now looks at the other two works in the vitrine!

It seems that there is enough foot traffic and vibrations to cause this small work of art to rotate over time.  I saw it a short while ago and I thought it had rotated a bit, but I wasn’t certain.  Now, there is no doubt.  We never would have displayed the work sideways!  We’re going to fix this tomorrow morning…

The Mycenaean figure has rotated 90 degrees and isn't facing the viewer anymore!

The Mycenaean figure has rotated 90 degrees and isn’t facing the viewer anymore!


2 thoughts on “Moving terracotta figurine

  1. (Sadly (?)) you might well attract more visitors by advertising a “haunted” statuette in the exhibit. Too bad you didn’t notice it before Halloween!

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