Night at the (British) Museum

Today I went to see the latest Night at the Museum movie. Considering that some scenes takes place at the British Museum, I thought it a fitting Boxing Day celebration (a holiday in the UK, which is also celebrated in Canada and other Commonwealth countries but not in the US). I wanted to see what they had done with the galleries and the collections—the ones in which they had actually filmed, such as the Great Court and the Parthenon Galleries (the other rooms you see are imaginary galleries filmed on a special set in Vancouver).

The movie was entertaining and the kids in the audience clearly enjoyed it. I did too. What I thought was most hilarious was when Larry, Teddy and the others burst into the Great Court with Ben Stiller saying, “Hurry, we have get to the Egyptian galleries’ (something to that effect). I giggled at this… because they had just exited from the door leading to the real Egyptian sculpture galleries!

There is a great blog post about this on the British Museum website, which is what I wanted to share with you today: Night at the (British) Museum, which offers great bits of information about the movie and the BM scenes. Just click on the above link and enjoy!

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