Amara West 2015: necklace lost in the garden?

Something lost enters the archaeological record unintentionally and is usually something that you would not expect to find in the context you’re digging. You often think “what is that doing here?”.
It’s a little surprise for archaeologists… this is one of those moments at Amara West. Cool pics, too.

Amara West project blog

Manuela Lehmann, archaeologist (Freie Universität Berlin)

Excavating the necklace in house D11.1
Kate Fulcher and I combined efforts to reveal a necklace found nestled next to garden plots found beneath the side room of house D11.1. This work was best in the early morning hours, before the wind gets too strong. We cleaned the necklace and re-strung beads on new thread.

Necklace, Amara West, detail
The original thread – still in place – decays before us as we excavate. Nevertheless we managed to rescue some pieces as a sample for further analyses.

Necklace, Amara West
After removing the mudbrick rubble on top of the fragile beads, careful brushing revealed more and more stringed lines of necklace – each time we thought we were done, more would emerge. Unfortunately the wind became stronger, even blowing away beads, so we covered the area and will return next week.

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