Idaho Spud and other tchotchkes

Many Egyptologists have Egyptian tchotchkes in their office. For some strange reason, family members and friends like to give the Egyptologist in their life those tacky souvenirs and trinkets. Over the years, I too have received such baubles and now some of them decorate my office. (According to some of my co-workers’ kids, my office is the “one with the cool toys.”)

Idaho Spud and other tchotchkes in my office.

Idaho Spud and other tchotchkes in my office.

As you can see, I have a superb Idaho Spud: an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head! (When you press on his hat, the Indiana Jones theme song plays! Isn’t that fun?) I also have a Tutankhamun Christmas ornament, a small figurine of the god Amun and a William the Hippo stapler from the Met. I actually bought that one myself… and it’s not a trinket, it’s a stapler! I have others elsewhere in my office (which is also sprinkled with Canadian flags and conference name tags), but these are the coolest tchotchkes on display.

(Yes, there is also a Lego Han Solo and Millennium Falcon (a gift) and a mini Coloseum, which I picked up in Rome last summer.)



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