Medjed: Big in Japan

Today, as I read the Egyptologists’ Electronic Forum (EEF) News, an odd little thing caught my eye and had me howling with laughter at work. (Luckily the others who have an office near mine were all on vacation…)  There was a link to an article about a rather obscure Egyptian deity called Medjed and the reaction of the Japanese public when they saw this rather peculiar god back in 2012 in an exhibition of Egyptian art from the British Museum… and how it developed over the last few years.

I have to agree with the Japanese, though, Medjed is absolutely adorable.  Imagine an ancient Egyptian wearing a ghost costume for Halloween. That’s what Medjed looks like. You don’t believe me? Check out the article: The Obscure Egyptian God and His Bizarre Afterlife on the Japanese Internet. Like I said, hysterically funny! Only in Japan, I tell you. Only in Japan. Sayonara!

4 thoughts on “Medjed: Big in Japan

  1. Some brilliant and entrepreneurial Egyptophile needs to start making toys. Eight to ten centimetres tall and about the texture of a marshmallow? Or maybe we could really make them out of marshmellows, with little licorice feet? Yum.
    Devourers-of-the-Dead, indeed!

  2. Hey, I wrote the article. I’m glad you liked it! I stumbled across Medjed twice in my normal research/writing/translation and was perplexed who this character with the odd name was. Once I did a little more snooping, I knew I had to write the article. It was just too weird of a topic to ignore.

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