Egyptology, distance learning and Walter Magazine

A short article appeared in Walter Magazine about a distance learning project I have been working on at the Museum with my colleague Emily K. in the Education department.  Emily is the one developing the programme and my role is to provide content for these fantastic learning opportunities… the Egyptian collection has great material!

Emily and I had been discussing for a while, but it all really started in February when we went to the Hunt Library at NC State University. Tom, our chief art handler, joined us to pack and safely manipulate the objects for us and my car served as the artefact-mobile to get us to the university, where we met up with Adam Rogers to have two faïence amulets 3D scanned. We had great fun and it was a learning experience even for us! (Thank you, Adam!) I’m including some photos of the scanning session below, but read the article to find out what we do with these scans of the Amulet of Nehebkau and the Amulet of Isis and Horus!



2 thoughts on “Egyptology, distance learning and Walter Magazine

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