Art in Bloom 2016 (Mesoamerica)

Again this year the Museum is hosting its fabulous Art in Bloom event, which was extremely popular in 2015.  The fundraiser, which started yesterday, runs through Sunday and, in the next few days, I will share images and impressions of the floral installations in my ancient galleries. Let us start with Mesoamerica…

Inspired by Standing Female Figurine from West Mexico
By Joseph Barnes

I find this floral arrangement very simple yet elegant. However, I find it more inspired by ideas and impressions of the cultures of ancient Americas rather than the figurine itself.  The round yellow flowers remind me of maize kernels and large-bead necklaces, the use of wood brings impressions of people living in harmony with nature…  I’ll admit that as far as Nayarit figurines go (we’re talking about the one alone in the upper left corner of the display case), this one is not particularly inspiring… I find the flowers more alluring than the work of art!


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