Off view

If you were to take a walk in the Classical galleries at the museum this week and the next, you’d notice that some vitrines are completely empty of artefacts. The reason? These are being studied by private objects conservator Corey Smith Riley.

Corey’s looking at material, manufacture, condition and previous conservation treatments for all the Greek objects (ceramics and bronze). It’s part of the research project I have been managing for the last three years, the study of the Classical collection for the catalogue. Corey’s work is a follow-up to Taking a look at Greek ceramics.

1 thought on “Off view

  1. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for the wonderful educational site. I’ve often wondered whether certain Classical vases were in fact used or whether they were strictly decorative. For example, was the NCMA’s Neck Amphora, Three Line Group, 530-520 BCE, used to hold wine or other liquid or was is strictly decorative?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best wishes,


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