Someone’s Trash is another’s Treasure

Archaeologists are not just looking for temples and tombs… we also like to understand materials, technologies and industries. A good example is this post from the iMalqata blog.


Diana Craig Patch

My goal this season at the Industrial Site is the identification of an area at Malqata where glass and faience were manufactured. As you may remember from previous blogs, I started working in 2015 in an area west of the Audience Pavilion because I noted that many sizable pieces of slag were scattered on the surface of old spoil heaps from The Met’s earlier excavations. This waste is associated with furnaces, but none of the earlier excavators noted that they had found either slag or kilns in this area.

obsidian The spoil heaps west of the Audience Pavilion at the start of the excavations of the Industrial Site

emiz-2017-n150e175-l5_mixedslag-color-adjusted Slag from the Industrial Site. Similar pieces suggested that this was the place to look for kilns or furnaces.

I was not disappointed when, during the 2015 season, the first square I worked in produced not only slag but sherds from…

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