Amara West: a new book for children

A wonderful post from my colleagues who work at Amara West. The delightful book for children mentioned in the post can be downloaded in English or Arabic.

“This book presents everyday life in Abri, Amara East and Ernetta island as a part of the broader history and culture of the area. Abri lies in the centre of the Sikood region which is located in the middle of modern Nubia, Sudan, some 725 km north of Khartoum. This book is to engage children with local heritage, including the local archaeological sites.”

Amara West project blog

Book cover A book for children, Life in the Heart of Nubia, presents local heritage found within the communities, from traditional lifestyles to archaeology.

Tomomi Fushiya, Leiden University

I arrived at the Amara West dig house in Ernetta island towards the end of the 2017 season with a final draft of the children’s book,  Life in the Heart of Nubia. Designed as an introductory booklet for schoolchildren in the local communities around Amara West – Abri, Amara East and Ernetta – the book explores the lifestyles, culture, language, oral histories and archaeology of these communities.  It is shaped by members of these communities and their responses, and also questions we received from them during the interviews and outreach programmes over the last two years.

In November 2016, I had travelled to Abri to discuss and plan the book with those who were willing to volunteer in their spare time on this…

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