A Symphony of Cultures

The British Museum’s . Read about it in this post reblogged from the BM… and there is a mention of ancient Egyptian music (just in case you are wondering!).

Bach’s Mass in B Minor, chants in praise of Vishnu in south India and the magnificent vocals and drums of qawwali music breaking like waves at a shrine in Pakistan. All these sounds are in praise of a deity – and show how music, all over the world, is used to elevate us from earthly…

via Music of the world: a symphony of cultures — The British Museum Blog

The FBI and the Mystery of the Mummy’s Head

Great article in the The New York Times earlier this week about the Mystery of the Mummy’s Head (at the MFA, Boston) solved by the FBI. Nice bit of sleuthing worthy of Sherlock Holmes. Read the full article here.

Thanks to Ken O. for sharing this great read!