How do I become an archaeologist?

The question “how do I become an archaeologist?” (or actually, “how do I become an Egyptologist?”) is the reason why I created the original An Archaeologist’s Diary. This chronicle is dedicated to the training required and the skills needed for a career in ancient Egyptian and Nubian archaeology (my specialty). You will find a section on academic training, another on field training and a third on desirable skills and aptitude. In the fourth and last section, the one entitled Train Yourself, you will find ideas of ways to train yourself for a possible career in Egyptian archaeology, whether you are in kindergarten or about to start college.

Evidently, the answers are based on my own personal experience and training in the field of ancient Egyptian and Nubian archaeology. Keep in mind that these are merely ideas to consider when thinking about a career in the field, not strict guidelines to follow to become an archaeologist. If you have questions about academic programmes and courses, please talk to the counsellor at your school or the university you wish to enrol. Remember, I am an Egyptologist, not an academic or career counsellor! I cannot help you chose college courses, evaluate you to see if you would make a good archaeologist, recommend a university or teach you how to dig. I can simply make you aware of the options available… you are responsible for making your own decisions, for walking the path you have chosen. Your life is what you make it.

Academic training     Field training     Mindset, skills and aptitudes

Train yourself!

Browse this section to find out what sort of things you can do to prepare yourself if you’re thinking about a career in archaeology (or to keep your mind busy for the fun of it). Please keep in mind that I’m not a career counsellor and that these are simply ideas to consider.

Kindergarten     Primary     Secondary     Undergraduate     Graduate

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