Primary school

You think you would like to become an archaeologist when you grow up?

Primary school (grade school) does not offer much opportunities for students who already know they want to specialise in archaeology. However, there are a few things you can do during your free time (during the summer vacations or on school nights after you have finished your homework). Here are a few:

Read lots of books on the civilisation that interests you
Your school library might have some books on your favourite civilisation. You can also try the local public library. The book you want is not the shelf? Ask the librarian if the book can be ordered from another bigger library. This service is usually free. You might want to have your own collection of books at home. Your birthday is coming up soon? Ask your parents for that interesting book you saw at the store. Put the book on your Christmas list, too. Books make excellent presents and if you take good care of them, you will be able to read them many times.

NOTE : Don’t throw away books! There are books that you don’t read anymore sitting on your shelf and you want to get rid of them? Books are expensive, so don’t thrown them out. If you have taken good care of them they are still good. Give them to charity or sell them at a garage sale – other people might enjoy reading them.

Make sure you have a good report card
You have to do well in all your class subjects, not just history. Archaeology includes many different kinds of research topics and you have to be good at those, too. Take time to do your homework and understand the topics you are studying in class. Should you find some subjects difficult, ask your parents to help you. Sometimes parents know the strangest things! You can ask an older brother or sister, too. You don’t have siblings and your parents work really late? Don’t be afraid to ask your friends, relatives or even a neighbour. Ask kindly and people will help you.

NOTE: Even though you are asking someone to help you, that does not mean they will do your homework for you! They will merely explain things differently to help you understand and give you tricks to help you remember things better. You should do your homework yourself.

Visit your local museum
Museums are wonderful places to visit because they have tons of artefacts on display. Many archaeologists work in museums (you might meet one during your visit). Some museums have special activities for school children during March break or special programs during summer vacations. Ask your parents if they can take you.

NOTE: A museum is like a giant library of artefacts. Visiting a museum should be done quietly so that you don’t disturb other visitors (they are trying to learn new things, too). You speak quietly, just like in a library, and you walk normally, so that you don’t bump into things and break them.


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