A Visit to Meroe

When I came home from work, there was a nice little surprise in my mailbox: a small but thick envelope from Krzys, my former thesis supervisor. I knew immediately what it was and grabbed my letter opener to open the letter quickly. Inside I found a lovely booklet—with colour pictures on glossy pages—about the archaeological site of Meroe (pronounced MAY-roe-ay) in Sudan. It is a visitors’ guide to the site, which is close enough to Khartoum to do as a day trip (tiring, but feasible). I worked at Meroe with Krzys during my graduate studies and the Great Amun Temple found there was part of my doctoral dissertation (which was on Amun temples in Nubia, published in 2008 by Archaeopress).

It’s pouring down with rain at the moment, so I think I will make myself a cup of tea and read ‘A Visit to Meroe, the Ancient Royal Capital.

(Thanks for the booklet, Krzys!)

A photo I took of the Great Amun Temple of Meroe in November 2000 (it's been a while!).

A photo I took of the Great Amun Temple of Meroe in November 2000 (it’s been a while!).

A book in a book

Yesterday, I had to check something in the Louvre’s exhibition catalogue Meroe, Empire on the Nile. We got this superb publication a while ago, but I never had the chance to really read any parts of it.  So, I sat to read a couple of the essays and imagine my surprise when, in one of them, I saw my book on Amun temples mentioned in the references! (Actually, it’s the book listed on Amazon as having been published in 1850, see the OMG! LOL! post dated February 27.)

In a way, I should not be surprised. My book is indeed relevant to the topic presented in the essay. I guess I’m still early enough in my career to be tickled by having other scholars mention my own work in theirs.


Yesterday, I was trying to figure out if my new WordPress site was coming up on Google (it does) and I saw that I had an Amazon author page.  Curious, I thought I would check it out…. and I burst out laughing!

My author page on Amazon.com

My author page on Amazon.com

This is indeed one of my publications. Nothing really funny there.  Until you notice the date: Dec 31, 1850.  Oh! my….  I rolled on the floor laughing!   I think my great-grand-parents weren’t even born in 1850 and I certainly wasn’t!  This book was published in 2008 and it is number 1850 in the British Archaeological Reports’ International Series.  Look at the entry on Archaeopress, the publisher’s web site.

I think I need to fix my Amazon author page…. but then again. This is quite hilarious! The ‘old’ date probably is the reason why used copies of the book are so expensive!  I’m still laughing…