S.O.S. SSEA and La Vida Aegyptiaca

Readers who have been following An Archaeologist’s Diary since its move to WordPress will know that I also blog for Canada’ Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities (SSEA).  Some of these posts have been referred to on An Archaeologist’s Diary, click here to read them.

The revamping of the SSEA website back in 2006 meant that new things interesting to both Egyptophiles and Egyptologists could be featured online. I started my blog La Vida Aegyptiaca  after being asked by the then-President to share my Egyptological adventures and my professional or academic work with the SSEA members and the public at large. (This came out of my ‘Adventures of Caroline in Carolina’ emails I used to send family and friends after I moved to North Carolina. Clearly somebody was getting a kick out of those emails!)

Can you believe it’s been almost 10 years since the SSEA revamped its website and La Vida Aegyptiaca launched? That’s almost as old as the pyramids!  Okay, maybe not that old… but old enough for www.thessea.org/ to now experience technical difficulties. That is why the SSEA just launched an initiative to fund a brand new website, where La Vida Aegyptiaca will continue to reside along other cool things. I encourage all my readers, friends and family to help the SSEA with its endeavour by contributing to the website’s GoFundMe campaign.  I just contributed myself… I hope you will do the same!  

If we can save Nubian temples from the waters of Lake Nasser, we can do anything--including raising funds for a new SSEA website!

If we can save Nubian temples from the waters of Lake Nasser, we can do anything–including raising funds for a new SSEA website! Thank you in advance for your generous contribution. Please share with Egyptophiles around the world!