Exodus: Gods and Kings

This morning as I was reading the latest post on the Egypt at Manchester blog, I came across interesting observations on Ridley Scott’s extravagant Egyptian production, Exodus: Gods and Kings. The post looks at the portrayal of ancient Egypt in this particular movie and ‘the myth of authenticity.’

Generally, I watch movies set in ancient Egypt as well as films dealing with museums or archaeology because people inevitably ask me what I think about them.  However, I could not bring myself to actually pay money to see this latest incarnation of the Moses/Exodus story. (Plus, I’m not a fan of Christian Bale to start with… anyway.) As I read Kristin’s post, I felt I hadn’t missed much… and probably avoided giving myself a concussion from banging my head on the wall in Egyptological dismay. My own observations, had I seen the movie, would undoubtedly have been similar to hers.

Exodus: Gods and Kings and the myth of authenticity was posted on David Bordwell’s website on cinema.  Read it clicking on the blue link.