This IS the exhibition you’re looking for!

Earlier this afternoon, when I was doing research for a possible work trip to Naples, Italy, I came across this exhibition at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli:

The exhibition is about the mythology of heroes from Antiquity to Star Wars. (Brilliant, if you ask me…. the kid who thought that Alexander the Great was sort of an ancient Luke Skywalker–see an old post on the subject HERE.)  Unfortunately, the exhibition will be over by the time I make it to Naples in November, should the trip be possible (like said, exploring possibilities). The show closes on September 16.

Still, I was in stitches looking through the various photos of ancient art featuring Star Wars characters (some are more successful than others). Imagine, they used the same work of art I featured in my ‘Alexander Skywalker’ post… and added R2-D2 and BB8 to it. The MANN even had the guts to use some of the erotic art from Pompeii!!  (Talk about voyeuristic droids! These are not the droids you are looking for…)

My favourite are the two below. The geeks amongst you will enjoy the fact that you can download all these fun images from the exhibition website.

International Congress of Egyptologists

My volunteer work has kept me away from my computer. Actually, let me rephrase that. It hasn’t kept me away from the computer, it’s kept me so busy that I didn’t even have time to blog! However, this alone isn’t the reason of my rather sporadic posting activities. I thought I would backtrack a little and tell you what I have been up to.

Banner of the International Congress of Egyptologists hanging at the University of Florence

Banner of the International Congress of Egyptologists hanging at the University of Florence

Back in August, I attended the International Congress of Egyptologists, which was held in Florence, Italy. It was my first time at the ICE and it was a bit of a zoo! There were something like 750 Egyptologists attending… can you imagine? Despite the large number of people that made it difficult to find a seat as we hopped from lecture hall to lecture hall (which meant that people left during the question periods, so as to get a seat when they got to another room—which I thought was a little rude), there were some really good papers. Some were about recent archaeological discovered, other on really great topics… there were so many to chose from!

Of course, being in Italy, we ate very well and the coffee break spread at the conference was absolutely amazing!  Baristas making espressos and cappuccinos (can you believe it?), lots of sweet treats (but not too sweet), fruits and yogurt, finger sandwiches…  All in all, it was a good conference.

Turin’s revamped Egyptian Museum

On April 1, the Egyptian Museum in Turin revealed its revamped galleries after 5 years of partial closure. Its gallery spaces have doubled and the collection is now presented in state-of-the-art displays. You can read about the new installation here, here and here. Each of the articles has different images.

Now, I suppose I will have to drop by on my next visit to Italy and take new photos!  You may recall that I included a page dedicated to the Museo Egizio (Turin) in the Photo Diary almost a year ago.