Turin’s revamped Egyptian Museum

On April 1, the Egyptian Museum in Turin revealed its revamped galleries after 5 years of partial closure. Its gallery spaces have doubled and the collection is now presented in state-of-the-art displays. You can read about the new installation here, here and here. Each of the articles has different images.

Now, I suppose I will have to drop by on my next visit to Italy and take new photos!  You may recall that I included a page dedicated to the Museo Egizio (Turin) in the Photo Diary almost a year ago.

A quick peek at the Museo Egizio, Turin

I have been somewhat busy this last little while, but nonetheless managed to put together a new page for the Photo Diary.  It’s on the Museo Egizio in Turin (Italy), the world’s second largest collection of Egyptian art and antiquities. Enjoy this brand new page (it wasn’t on my old site.)


The façade of the Museo Egizio

The façade of the Museo Egizio