Mother’s Day Tour

After my Sacred Motherhood exhibition closed in early December, I got several requests from docent and visitors alike for a checklist of the artwork so they could create their own tour on this theme. This got me thinking and, after consulting with blog editor Karen K, I created an illustrated and captioned self-guided tour of the permanent galleries using the works of art that were in the exhibition and adding a couple of others.

The slide show post entitled Create Your Own Mother’s Day Tour was posted on Circa, the Museum blog, earlier in the week and I immediately received comments from volunteers and docents saying they were very excited about creating their own tour. In fact, the blog post got picked up by’s Go Ask Mom chronicle as a suggestion of something to do this Mother’s Day weekend. Cool, huh?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Moving terracotta figurine

This weekend, I gave to a visiting colleague a tour of my exhibition Sacred Motherhood: Mother-and-Child Representations from the Permanent Collection. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that the Mycenaean Greek terracotta figurine of a Woman Holding a Child had rotated a quarter turn from its original position. Instead of facing the viewer, it now looks at the other two works in the vitrine!

It seems that there is enough foot traffic and vibrations to cause this small work of art to rotate over time.  I saw it a short while ago and I thought it had rotated a bit, but I wasn’t certain.  Now, there is no doubt.  We never would have displayed the work sideways!  We’re going to fix this tomorrow morning…

The Mycenaean figure has rotated 90 degrees and isn't facing the viewer anymore!

The Mycenaean figure has rotated 90 degrees and isn’t facing the viewer anymore!


La Vida Aegyptiaca

On this Memorial Day long weekend, I have spent a few minutes writing a post for my blog on the SSEA website, La Vida Aegyptiaca.  If you go read that blog entry, you’ll find out why my Dad took this photo and what has occupied me at work for the last few weeks.

Mum and I posing in front of the Sacred Motherhood title wall

Mum and I posing in front of the Sacred Motherhood title wall (photo taken by Dad).

Sacred Motherhood

My first exhibition opened yesterday at the museum: Sacred Motherhood, Mother-and-Child Representations from the Permanent Collection. It is a small display of 13 works of art from the NCMA’s holdings, from ancient cultures like Egypt and Greece to contemporary art a few years old. One of the works is even an abstract painting! (Its title is the only indication that the subject is a mother-and-child study). I had to dig quite deep to find that one! (Mike, our collection registrar, was of great help.)

Sacred Motherhood does not focus on divine mothers; it simply stresses that motherhood—in its various stages—is worthy of reverence in and of itself. The exhibition explores the meaning of each of the mother-and-child representations by placing it in its historical and cultural context, or placing it within an artist’s framework. It encourages the visitor to look beyond the obvious image of a woman caring for a child.

The exhibition is free and on view until December 7, 2014.