Top 10 Tips for Aspiring Archaeologists

By happenstance, I came across a page on Boston University’s Archaeology department website that shared tips for aspiring archaeologists.  It fits with my How do I become an archaeologist chronicle, so I thought I would share.

Here’s the link: Top 10 Tips for Budding Archaeologists

Do I have to like school to become an archaeologist?

Here’s a question about schooling and archaeology. May the Fourth be with you.

Do I have to like school to become an archaeologist?
It certainly would be an advantage! Even if you chose to be a field technician (which necessitates only a BA), you still need to go to college. Keep in mind, though, that when in university you actually get to chose the courses you want to take, which makes your studies so much more interesting.


AUC-AERA Archaeological Field Training programme

Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA), in collaboration with the American University of Cairo (AUC), is accepting applications for the 2015 Giza Archaeological Field Training programme.

You can find further information here. The deadline is May 31, 2014.

How can I find out about field school?

Here is a question for those interested about fieldwork experience!

How can I find out about field school?
There are several digs across the world that welcome volunteers each year. These are undoubtedly very expensive. Take a look at the Archaeological Institute of America website for their listing. Also check with archaeological associations or museums with archaeology collections nearest you as well as universities and colleges nearby that offer an archaeology programme. Some institutions may offer “Archaeology camps” for children. Otherwise check with universities that offer fieldwork opportunities for undergraduate students during the summer.

What skills do archaeologists need?

Here is a question about skills required for an archaeological career.

What skills do archaeologists need?
You must be versatile, resourceful, curious and you must like doing research. You also should like working outdoors and doing paperwork and writing. You have to work well with a team and adapt to all sorts of conditions. Read the How do I Become an Archaeologist? section to have more details.

How do you know that a career in archaeology is really for you?

Obviously, this response is based on my personal experience…  I felt it.

How do you know that a career in archaeology is really for you?
You know it, you feel it… Archaeology makes you happy, you love what you are doing and you find it stimulating. It is as simple as that. If you have doubts, you are unhappy or people tell you that you do not seem to enjoy your studies or your job… you may have chosen not so wisely.

How do I become an archaeologist?


Another chronicle has been added to An Archaeologist’s Diary: How do I become an archaeologist? That very question (actually, “how do I become an Egyptologist?”) is the reason why I created the original An Archaeologist’s Diary back in 2002. Please do keep in mind that what you will read in this chronicle are merely ideas to consider when thinking about a career in archaeology, not strict guidelines to follow to become an archaeologist.

Click on ‘How do I become an archaeologist?‘ in the menu and follow the links on that page to fully explore the chronicle. Enjoy!