Yes, this was the Kool and the Gang song we used in our dance video, but it was also the atmosphere at the museum today (at least amongst those who had participated in the project): we made it to Round 2 of the competition! Near the end, it was a very tight race with the First Division Museum in Wheaton, IL. The semi-finals should be next week and I’ll let you know of the date to vote for us again.

Thanks to all who voted for us in our moment of museum silliness.

Museum Dance Off 2

When you work at a museum you sometimes do strange things like… participate in a dance video competition hosted by WhenYouWorkAtAMuseum.com. Twenty-eight museums have entered the competition, including the NCMA. (The other museums are from Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and even Mongolia!)  Watch the trailer.

The reason I am mentioning this competition is that I’m actually in the video!!! (Not surprisingly, the staff members who participated are normally the ones who hit the dance floor at the Museum Christmas party!) We had great fun filming and the resulting video is quite amusing (if I may say so myself). You’ll see me lead a tour around the galleries, having fun and dancing… although we’re just grooving to Kool and the Gang. Don’t expect any ballroom dancing moves on my part… not this time! (For those who don’t know, ballroom dancing is one of my hobbies.)  You can view the video below:

 NCMA Museum Dance Off 2 Video

I hope you’ll vote for us!  Voting starts on Monday April 20 and for this first round you will be able to vote for our video on, and only on, April 22, starting at 8am EDT (UTC-04:00). We’re competing against another American museum, a Canadian museum and an Australian heritage complex. To cast your vote, all you have to do is go to whenyourworkatamuseum.com.

Thank you in advance for your encouragement and your vote!