Research Project

When developing a research project, there are some issues you must consider. Here are a few things to ponder:

What ? What is the sort of problem that interests you? What are your goals?

Where? Where would be the best place to excavate (or survey) to find an answer to your research question? Is this concession available?

Why? Why would this be the best place to find your answer? (Include any historical relevance or archaeological evidence that this is the best place to work to achieve your goals.)

How? How will you conduct your research? What is your methodology? Do you need special equipment? How will you process the information you collect? How much will this project cost (include airfare, salaries, food and lodging, buying equipment, processing samples, vehicle maintenance and gas, savings for emergencies…)?

Who? Who is going with you on the dig? (Include professional archaeologists, students, antiquities inspectors.) How many local workmen will be joining you? Do you need the help of specialists or consultants?

When? When will your dig take place? Take into consideration your schedule at work, the availability of staff members and consulting specialists, and even holidays and the weather in the country where you’ll work.


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